Life is a seesaw


Ups and downs, highs and lows. This is the regular routine of our daily lives regardless of age, sex, social status or jobs. We are born for only one purpose: to leave our own unique imprint in a world that each day becomes more chaotic.

I recently discovered the need to share some of my life experiences hoping that this helps others find some comfort in their times of distress.

I am not a writer so bear with me if you find grammatical errors.

As an immigrant to Canada in the late 70’s my first years were difficult. New language combined with the cold winters of Montreal were the first challenges that i had to face. Its the sort of thing that “makes” you or “breaks” you. I can happily say it made me the person I am today.

At the time I was married and became the mother to a beautiful girl. Three years after arriving in this new country I was diagnosed with cancer and while battling it, I lost my younger sister in a car accident. A few months later my husband left me.

This is only the introduction to what became the greatest blessing of my life, and how we can find the resilience to rise from the bottom of the pit and become whole again always believing in a higher power, in my case God, and knowing that we are never alone. The year was 1979.