Never give up

Another day filled with wonderful possibilities. Today I pick up my grandchildren at daycare and in spite of being sick, the thought of being with them makes me forget my malaise.

Something I learned at a very young age was to swim against the current and never give up. Because of the culture I was born into, physical punishment was the discipline of the times. So I grew up with many traumas which made me a very rebellious person.

At 20 I married an older man for the only reason to leave home and be free, without imagining what was to come. I was very immature and the loss of a full term pregnancy at 21 years old unraveled my life. I became psychotic and depressed to the point of trying to take my own life. After a year of psychiatric care, life started to smile back. I had overcome the first major crisis of my life.

It’s my belief that without suffering there is no growth. When we find ourselves in the darkest most hellish moments of life, if we do not believe in a higher power, we are doomed.

We are born with a soul that will continue to exist forever. I grew up

in a catholic family and those were my beliefs until a few years ago when I began questioning many things that the church was doing but didn’t seem “christian” to me.

I believe in Jesus and I follow his teachings. That’s my life statement so the incongruous behaviour of the Catholic Church made me start on a renewed spiritual journey. I immersed myself in reading eastern philosophy and learning about Buddhism, and ecumenical tendencies within the Christian faith and my vision has had a radical change.

Will continue my spiritual vision on a future post.