As I sit quietly on this Sunday afternoon I am filled with memories of earlier times in life filled with joy; teenage years, pop music, the unforgettable 60’s, total bliss… but also the bitter, grievous ones, who unknown to us, were silently awaiting in the shadows.

My sister, who was two years younger than me came to this earth to bring unconditional love to all those who had the privilege of meeting her. She was a loving gentle soul. She was called Home to the Father in 1983.

I feel the need to reminisce and honour her life with these words.

Ana was the embodiment of contentment .

She was a painter, a talented musician and her imaginative skills had no end. Her essence was art.

At 24 she became an architect and delighted in each and every one of her projects. Her last one was designing a shelter for orphan children.

But it was her contagious joy when singing that made us all love her dearly. Her laughter sounded like bells jingling. The way she tilted her head sideways and backwards when overcome by glee was unique. She was my best friend, my confidant and even though she was younger, my mentor and supporter.

I believe that she was born into this world for just one purpose: to make it a better place. She was like the Star of Bethlehem that arrived swiftly to impress in humanity the real purpose of life: LOVE, to give ourselves fully to others without expectation.

We are all Pilgrims is this journey of Life. It takes some of us many years to grow, to enlarge, to become.

It only took Ana 27 years to end her pilgrimage and she left a legacy of love. She died when helping others…