On depression

Even though life is good for some of us, there are times when we can get really moody or pissed off and totally mad at the whole wold.

I am a very sensitive person and when there is any sort of disagreement or misunderstanding between a loved one and I, it breaks me. Not many people know this because I try to act normal and keep it bottled up but the truth is that it hurts. I am also a person that enjoys solitude so I spend time by myself and I read and meditate. This is part of my spiritual practice.

I was diagnosed with clinical depression some years ago, but even with the meds, the pain and anger emerge when I am upset. There is a history or depression on both sides of my family so it could be something inherited or it could be all the difficulties I have dealt with in my lifetime.

Today, depression and anxiety are topics that are commonly talked about in an open way to avoid the magnitude of daily suicides. Twenty years ago, it was a taboo. We didn’t talk about it, we had to keep it secret and deal with it no matter what. Some people became alcoholics, others found comfort in illegal drugs that did more harm than good and others simply took their own lives which was the easy way out.

More recently, with the aid of social media and advancement in medicine, depression is considered another disease like diabetes, blood pressure, cancer and many others that are treated by doctors with medications.

Maybe it’s too late for some who are no longer with us, but the reason I am writing about this very personal issue is to help others. If you feel life is strangling you and you can’t find a way out, go see a doctor. There is always a solution to your problem. Always!

Sometimes just talking to a psychologist, doing meditation, or any other kind of holistic or alternative medicine, can help you deal with it. Just go out and look for help. You will be glad you did.

In cases of mental health issues, prayers will not help. This is a physiological problem, not spiritual. So bear that in mind. And please find help before it’s too late!