Be yourself

There are many people living their lives to please others. I remember in my teens, i lived according to the rules of society. Do this, don’t do that, wear this and that and so forth… Most of those years were reduced to pleasing people, actually living the life of others. Because I was born in a Latin American country, the elders of the family where the ones to determine and control your life. I am taking about the 1950’s. So I did everything according to what I was told until finally one day I woke up. It was the beginning of a tumultuous time that would eventually subside 13 years later. But at least it was my life, my mess and although i suffered a lot though it all, it was mine to own. All these foolish things made me grow to be the woman I am today. When I became a mother and my daughters grew up, I had to deal with very conflicting, challenging adolescents but with discipline and reasoning we all grew through it. Its important to say that I always let them be themselves. Dress as they wanted, color their hair in pink, purple, green and support their choices even though it was breaking me inside. Today they are two awesome, mature women each with their own personality. Sisters, but completely different in character, each one unique and they make me proud to be their mom I have also learned to be my own authentic self after a lot of inner work. Experiences, good and bad, shape us in unimaginable ways. Be yourself, think for yourself, become your true self. It’s your life to live.