Caring for others

There have been so many disasters in our world these past weeks that is difficult not to be emotionally affected by them. I have honoured them with silence. I couldn’t find words to express how i felt but I am finally embracing these tragedies.

First there was hurricane Harvey that flooded the southern United States followed by many others, Irma, Josè and Maria that ravaged quite a few islands in the Caribbean (Dominica, St Thomas, Guadalupe…).

Puerto Rico lost the entire electrical grid and two weeks later the island is still without electricity. These peoples are going through a humanitarian crisis with no food and still flooded. But what I find most distressing is the fact that these are the only news reported on our side of the world.

Africa has also been suffering tremendous losses. First two suicide bombers hit Mogadishu in Somalia killing 231 and blessing 350 others. Hospitals are crying for help unable to care for their people.

And on Monday a landslide buried hundreds of houses in a settlement in Freetown, Sierra Leone killing more than 1,000 people. Whole families buried alive! The videos of desperation of the ones that lost their whole families are heartbreaking.

Every day the news get worse. But if we turn CNN on, most of the news will be about trump and his failed presidency.

BBC and Reuters are the tv stations reporting the atrocities on the other side of the world.

Is this fair? Shouldn’t they get the same coverage and help?